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Healthy Posture

Supporting a healthy spine is key to preventing back pain, joint injuries, neck strains, and headaches. This is particularly important for those who spent a lot of time sitting while driving or at work. With specific stretches and exercises, you can help your body maintain healthy posture and prevent unpleasant symptoms.


Weight loss

Nearly half of Americans report attempting to lose weight each year. Unfortunately, most of those attempts either don’t work or end up with people regaining the weight they’ve lost! Usually this is caused by following crummy or contradicting advice based on media articles, fad diets, or what worked for your neighbors best friend’s hair stylist. In this feature, I’ll help clear up the confusion on sustainable, realistic ways to lose weight and keep it off while still enjoying your relationship with food.


Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating that reflects the eating habits of people in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. People in this area tend to have lower rates of heart disease, stroke, depression, and type 2 diabetes.1-3 For these reasons, the Mediterranean Diet is often touted as a way to promote health and prevent chronic disease.

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