Crock Pot Yellow Chicken Curry

This has been a crazy week (that included finally landing a full-time dietitian position!) that has left me behind on my blogging. I have loads of post ideas so forgive me if I pelt you with posts in the next few days.


Today, I want to share a yummy recipe that I found on a blog called Stupid Easy Paleo. I made it in the crock pot on Sunday night and ate it for lunch most of this week. This little number contains a teensy bit of salt which, I have discovered, is the case with many a “paleo” recipe online. Since my sodium intake was so crazy low last week, I relented a little in this area and included a pinch of salt in a couple of recipes this week. I realized later that, for the most part, curry is pretty paleo if you don’t include potatoes or peas and don’t serve it over rice. This recipe tasted delicious and was quite filling. Find the recipe for Crock Pot Yellow Chicken Curry here.

1 serving (about 1/4) of this recipe has 280 calories, 13 g carbohydrate, 21 g protein, 18 g fat, and 285 mg sodium. These numbers will vary slightly depending on which vegetables you choose.