Choosing an Exercise Plan you can Stick To


Most of us would love to be active and healthy, exercising regularly doing something we enjoy. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to stick to an exercise plan. How exactly do you choose a workout that you’ll actually enjoy and that is sustainable? There are a handful of things to consider to help yourself be as successful as possible in your fitness. It’s important to consider some of your own personality traits, as well as some of those weird little quirks we all have. It’s amazing how much working with your tendencies rather than against them can change the game.

A few things to consider:


“Mood exerciser” vs. “Routine Repeater”


Are you someone who needs to be “in the mood” for a particular exercise in order to do it? You’re not alone, Mood Exerciser! Don’t expect to be someone who completes the same workout day after day. Have several possible workouts in your arsenal so when it comes time to exercise, you can choose the workout you’re most in the mood for. Maybe on a high-energy day you do high-intensity interval training, on an angry day you kickbox, and on a mellow day you do yoga. The choices are yours, but make sure you have some options!

If you are someone who prefers a regular zone-out routine than having a different option every day, you are a Routine Repeater. For you, it’s more important to find that one exercise that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and gradually progress in intensity or time. If you stick with the same workout for 3-4 months, consider adding a 1-2 day per week cross-training to prevent injury and muscle imbalances.


“Rip-the-BandAid” vs. “Joyride” Exerciser


Do you want to really feel like you did something when you work out? Do you want to sweat and feel the burn? If so, you are a “Rip-the-BandAid” exerciser, and you will likely prefer higher-intensity workouts that you can get done in half the time. Some good options are high-intensity interval training or bootcamp.

If instead you are someone who needs to be enjoying yourself to exercise, you are a Joyride Exerciser. Joyride exercisers tend to love group exercise classes, sports, and workout videos like group dance classes, kickboxing, or martial arts.