We got a makeover!

As you may have already noticed, Dietitian on a Diet looks a bit different! I’ve rebranded – that includes a name change, brand-spanking-new website, and something many of you have been asking for…

…a Youtube channel!

I’ll be bringing you all the videos you need to live a happy, healthy life:

  • Simple, delicious, nourishing recipes with ingredients your Grandma would recognize
  • Gardening tips for those with even the brownest of thumbs to grow some whole-food goodness at home
  • At home, no equipment, you-can-totally-do-this workouts that won’t leave you exhausted or eat up your entire morning
  • More of the wellness tips you know and love from me – in video form!

This new venture is so exciting – I can’t wait to make the Down Home Dietitian mantra come alive in your life:

Healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

You in?